Caring Connection

As brothers and sisters in Christ, our purpose is to seek, support and nourish the spiritual well-being of persons within the church in their times of need and always. The Caring Connection helps in a variety of ways – by sending cards, making meals, knitting prayer shawls, making phone calls and making home and hospital visits, as well as supporting new mothers and by being alert to individual needs and concerns.


We support people through showing Christ’s love and providing a caring community within the church.
As the Caring Connection, we offer a vital partnership with the pastoral staff of Christ Lutheran Church. All the work we do is done on a confidential basis. Also, several of the teams meet regularly for study and training.

Confidential Prayer Tree
Card Ministry
New Mother 
Chefs for Christ
Caring for the Caregiver
Military Ministries
Grief Group
Pastoral Care and Counseling


Please, if you or someone you care about could use our help... reach out.

Or if you want to get involved in church and one of our ministries... reach out. 

If you have a question, or if there's something on your mind that you want to share... we're here... reach out!

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