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Caring Connection

As brothers and sisters in Christ, our purpose is to seek, support and nourish the spiritual well-being of persons within the church in their times of need and always. The Caring Connection helps in a variety of ways – by sending cards, making meals, knitting prayer shawls, making phone calls and making home and hospital visits, as well as supporting new mothers and by being alert to individual needs and concerns.
We support people through showing Christ’s love and providing a caring community within the church.  As the Caring Connection, we offer a vital partnership with the pastoral staff of Christ Lutheran Church. All the work we do is done on a confidential basis. Also, several of the teams meet regularly for study and training.

Confidential Prayer Tree

Congregational members or church staff may share a prayer request with the members of the Confidential Prayer Tree. These lay ministers are updated at least once a week with prayer concerns of the congregation and the community. They sit with these confidential issues in prayer on a daily basis with the belief that those whom they pray for are held before God on a continual basis.

Card Ministry

Several volunteers within the congregation hold and uplift others through a ministry of greeting cards. These volunteers create get-well, sympathy, congratulations, and words of encouragement cards.  They are then sent on behalf of staff and the congregation.

Chefs for Christ

Chefs for Christ is a large group of volunteers who make meals for others in the congregation and in the community. These volunteers make and deliver meals after surgeries, long term illnesses, and during bereavement. These chefs also provide food for church events and help assist whenever food is needed by individuals or groups. Anyone who is need of help with meals is welcome to use this wonderful service!

Caring for the Caregiver

This small group is made of those who are caring for another family member.  This group exchanges ideas, shares resources and offers general support.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

At Christ Lutheran, the Pastoral Care Ministers are committed to offer a listening ear for your present needs while strengthening you for the future. This is done through individual counseling that can be done prior to weddings, funerals, for bereavement or any other counseling-type issues. The Pastoral Care Ministry’s passion is to be connected to you while you are experiencing peaks and valleys in your walk with faith. Within each of us lies the desire to find meaning beyond the moment…to discover our true selves…to grow closer to God and one another. Through the good times as well as through the tough ones, whatever your circumstances, the Pastoral Care ministers are here for you.

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