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Council Corner

An Update From CLC's Church Council

Major Priorities


This month we discussed all of the wonderful things happening at CLC. Our various ministries are up and running. The Youth Group has scheduled a mission trip and are working toward funding their efforts. The choir & Peyton have been preparing for our Requiem Service on November 6 & 7.

Oktoberfest and the Day of Service were well attended. We are asking you to help us get the word out about all the ways CLC impacts your life. If you participate in a CLC ministry, please take a pic and post it to our Facebook page.


Although some of us are worshiping online or are attending a new service, we'd love for our congregation to see each other in action virtually as well as in person. Thank you for attending and making our church a wonderful place to worship.

Financial Situation


This month marks the kickoff to our annual stewardship campaign. You should be seeing some wonderful videos of congregation members talking about what role CLC plays in their lives.

Image by Josh Appel

We couldn't make an impact without your support, and as we progress, we ask that you'd prayerfully consider your investment in our congregation in the upcoming year.


In order to facilitate easier ways to give, our council has been looking into various methods to give online in addition to using the link on our website or putting your contribution in the offering plates located by the doors of the sanctuary. We are hoping to be able to roll out a CLC Venmo account in the next month.

Image by ray sangga kusuma

Volunteer Opportunities


Council is looking for a few wonderful people to join us in determining the direction of our church. We need your input and currently have 5 open positions.

In order for CLC to reflect the values of our congregation, we need your contributions to make sure we are moving forward along the path God has for us.


Please reach out to the CLC staff or council if you feel as though you are being called to serve. Council members meet on the second Tuesday of the month and serve a two-year term.



President:  Jim Peterson

Secretary:  Angela Newhouse

Treasurer:  Jeff Bergstrom



Youth:  Angela Newhouse
Worship:  Cory Rheault Endowment/Budget/

    Jeff Bergstrom
Outreach:  Kathy Boyer


    Matt Sullivan
Capital Campaign:  Bill Doyle

Personnel:  Martin Brown
Preschool:  Pastor Eric

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