CLC Ministry Amidst The Pandemic

We are thrilled to be a bit closer to returning to our normal services and interactions with friends and family at CLC. But we also want to be safe and responsible in doing so.

In an effort to educate and inform the CLC congregation as to the current risk levels of the COVID-19/Coronovirus pandemic, risk level, as well as the current status and plan for CLC returning to normal operations, we've assembled the following resources and information for your continued reference.  

Worship Services


In-person worship is now available in a limited capacity. Additionally, we'll be live-streaming our worship services each Sunday at 10 a.m. MST on our YouTube and Facebook channels, with the recorded versions available on-demand right here or on our social channels as well.

We continue to be blessed with recorded services on Sundays at 9 am, as well as Bible stories on Monday mornings, World Wednesday offerings on Wednesdays, and devotions on Thursday mornings. View these on-demand videos from the CLC website home page and the CLC YouTube channel. There are so many ways to stay connected to CLC! Feel free to invite friends and family members to check us out online.


Listen to Pastor Eric's most recent announcement in response to the severity of the pandemic.

Mountain Path

"God of all wisdom, sometimes I want answers even when they can't yet be known. Fill me with a deeper understanding so that I can rest in the knowledge of your love no matter what lies ahead. When I don't know what may come, help me to trust that you will be there for me, prompting my words and actions. Amen."

Zen Stones

The Trail Back To Normal

The Congregation Council, following the guidance of the Council appointed COVID-19 Task Force, public health officials, state and county authorities, and denominational leaders, determines when and how Christ Lutheran will move from stage to stage in the plan detailed here. These guidelines may be adjusted by the Congregation Council as necessary. Although the Congregation Council cannot put firm dates to when and how we will enter each of these stages, our aim is to keep the congregation well informed about our progress towards once again being able to gather together fully as God’s people at Christ Lutheran Church. Important to note is due to the nature of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on the community, movement between these stages may not be in one direction. 

*These guidelines do not pertain to Christ Lutheran Church Preschool.

Mountain Path