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  • Jeff Bergstrom

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Good Sunday Morning,

Gomer Pyle said it best (and probably the most often) when he said, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.” Generally speaking, we all love a surprise. I’m not talking about being frightened; I’m talking about being surprised. You know, when an unexpected or astonishing event occurs and you’re there to witness it. We all know what a feeling that is. Surprisingly good huh?

Fortunately for us, our God is a God of surprises . . . and we are given the opportunity to constantly witness surprises. And now, a surprise for you . . . rather than listing off examples of wonderful surprises in everyday life, I’m encouraging each of you to stop for a moment . . . think of the last surprise you witnessed . . . and enjoy the reoccurring smile on your face for a moment . . . and then read on.

So as much as we all enjoy a good surprise, here’s a comforting thought . . . surprising events are not a surprise to God. For God knows the plans he has for us (hmm? where have I heard that before? I can’t remember, but it sounds familiar). We are so fortunate that God has all the details of our lives and orchestrates many of our daily / worldly events.

Listen Thomas, if you are still not quite convinced that God knows what’s in store for us, while it stays a surprise to us (and since we are talking about surprises today, I’m not going to spoil this one for you), I am going to suggest that you read the entirety of Psalm 139 for yourself. After doing so, I would tell you to continue to live your life looking for and enjoying life’s surprises but do so with the steadfastness that comes with knowing that God will never be caught off guard.

To get you home, you may be surprised to learn that the Boss once said while he was “Working on a Dream” (although I’m not sure very many people remember him saying), “Well surprise, surprise, surprise; Yeah surprise, surprise, surprise; Well surprise, surprise, come on open your eyes; And let your love shine down.” Regardless of whether you remembered that or were surprised to learn it . . . that sounds like an interesting way to spend the day and the week ahead, so . . .

. . . pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and take solace in knowing that the Lord has made this day . . . and all of the surprises that make it wonderful . . . may you rejoice and be glad in it.

Jeff Bergstrom

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P.P.S. “Where will you be five years from now? Delight in not knowing, as that's one of the greatest things about life, its wonderful surprises” – Marlo Thomas

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